Hail in Budapest

Budapest felt different that day. Everything was just as grandiose, but it felt more aloof. Filled with people, the wide streets echoed solitude. I wandered, and reacquainted myself with the thoughts that only visit me when I’m alone. How long had I been there? Two days? Three days? Not long at all. The city felt new […]

There Was A World

Once upon a time, there was a world. It was a world full of magic and wonder, a true work of art. An orb in the sky controlled the movement of the water. Living organisms erupted into colour before they died, leaving their bodies as a blanket of warmth for the source of their life. […]

Summer Haunts

The air pressed against my skin, fresh and humid all at once. I walked the familiar roads, my feet still as tough and calloused as they would have been back then.  Plus ça change, plus ça reste pareil. I sometimes tried to jazz up my walks, but there were only so many places to go. Even when […]

The Courage Locket

“I’m so glad I’ll be in the rainforest soon. I need to get out of this city. I mean, it’s fun, but nothing feels real, you know? I miss feeling real.” I hurried my words out before anyone else showed up. You were the only one allowed to see my fragility. I didn’t trust anyone […]

50 Meanings of “I Love You”

Love is a tricky thing. I read a post attempting to define it not long ago, and realized that I didn’t agree with the author’s explanation at all. To me, love isn’t all about dependence or commitment. Or at least, not always. But then what is it about? What do we really mean when we […]

Whiskey Under the Bridge

Emily stood on the bridge, bottle of whiskey in hand. Loud, ugly tears took over her body. She pounded her fist against the railing, and let out a loud gasp at the pain. Then, she cried harder. It felt good to finally be alone. She couldn’t see the water underneath her, but she could hear […]