Galway: A Story of Reinvention

“Have you had a pint of Guiness yet?” he asked. I wasn’t focused on him. I was too busy taking in my surroundings. I found the cobblestone streets and the pubs dotting every corner so quaint, and the Irish accent made everything sound musical. None of this felt real. “Not yet. I only landed in Ireland […]

On Facebook and Death

I found out about your death on Facebook. I saw a photo of you, posted by one of your friends. You were laughing, eyes closed, hair a bit disheveled. You looked beautiful and free and so much like yourself. As a caption, she listed some of your greatest qualities and reminisced about the times you’d had […]

When I Think of Vilcabamba

  “I can’t believe we’re really leaving.” “I know. Neither can I.” We’d only spent four days in Vilcabamba, but during our time there moments bled into one another, erasing all sense of time passing. The unreal beauty of our surroundings combined with the ease of life we’d been experiencing had taken away all sense […]


Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight… Nothing in the surrounding area was familiar. He stepped out of his car and lay back on the hood. The sky above was still fading to black, and only one star shone brightly above him. Or maybe it was a planet.  Either way, it was comforting. […]

Class Disparity in Guatemala

“They don’t have much, but they’re happy. They don’t need anything more.” It wasn’t the time for this conversation. My sister and I were sitting in the back seat of our friend’s cousin’s car. We were heading to Antigua for a weekend of celebrating the Semana Santa in the most debaucherous way possible. The only […]

The Waiting Room

At about 11, Agatha started to prepare lunch. Her children, Susan and Timothy. had gotten in the habit of coming over on the weekends. She didn’t know whether they were motivated by pity or love. Susan’s children had moved out, and Timothy had never married. She imagined that their homes were as silent as hers. Perhaps […]